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Building a community around your games

When people begin making a game, they usually hope for the game to find success among other people and become popular. Though there are designers who only design for friends and family or use game design as an outlet, I want to focus on the majority, who hope to someday sell their game and have it played by many. If you know anything about selling, you know that you need to have people talking. The best way to get people to know about your game is to build a community around it or introduce it to existing communities.

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Satchel: Our Quest

I always find it quite difficult to talk about  my own ideas. There’s usually 2 pitfalls one can fall into when discussing one’s creations. You will either be biased in favor of your idea, because it’s your idea, or you will underestimate it… because it’s your idea. Well, I’m risking doing one or the other here, because I really want to share some ideas that we’ve had while in quarantine. Here is a little background about what we have done so far with Satchel: A Journey Unknown and what we plan to do with it in the future.

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