Satchel: A Journey Unknown

Satchel: A Journey Unknown is a solo fantasy adventure game. You take the role of a sole adventurer on a quest to find the Grail and save the world! But time is not on your side, nor are the inhabitants of these unknown lands.
Through card-drafting,  character upgrades and choosing your encounters wisely, you may be victorious. But one wrong turn could prove lethal and you may find yourself overwhelmed by the wilderness.


Satchel: A Journey Unknown in all its glory!

Despite the negative global impacts of the last month, the situation gave us a chance to put this project together. We figured there could be no better moment for people to discover a new world than now. We hope you have a wonderful adventure!

As goes with all other projects on , pay what you want to download the files. Thanks to your contributions, we are able to run the page and create more games for you.

Satchel: A Journey Unknown, Setup and Rules


Rules (3784 downloads )
Satchel: A Journey Unknown (4379 downloads )
[Extras]A3 Fancy rulebook and box (1985 downloads )

You can also download Satchel: A Journey Unknown on Tabletop Simulator Here.

IMPORTANT: This project is done by It is provided freely for all. NOT FOR RETAIL. Art and graphic design by Vesselin Alexiev. Game design by Ivan and Vesselin Alexiev. Royalty free icons from under CC BY 3.0 .


  1. Johnny

    Thank you!

    • Scott Lewis

      Thanks, looking forward to this.

      One minor issue with printing. In the “card backs”, the 4th page is fine, but the 1-3 pages don’t work to do back-to-back printing. For them to work, the pages would need to be shifted so they are lined up with the RIGHT side of the sheet, not the left.

      Not sure if that’s easy to fix/update; if not, I’ll just print those cards without backs 🙂 Looking forward to trying this one!

      • Ivan Alexiev

        Thanks for letting us know, Scott. I’ve updated the files and they should align properly now. Enjoy the game!

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