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The Cursed Castle

Cursed Castle Image

Take charge of three hunters walking the forgotten hallways of the Cursed Castle in an attempt to purge the ancient evil that dwells there.

Allocate dice to your heroes’ columns to solve each battle in this horror puzzle. As your party progresses you will uncover powerful artifacts, learn new skills, and make combinations to cleanse the living dead. Building up your heroes is easier than preserving them in this tiny brutal adventure!

The Cursed Castle is a solo game specially developed for Pencil First Games’ “Stuck at Home Design Contest” and heavily inspired by Darkest Dungeon and other dark fantasy titles.


Satchel: A Journey Unknown

Satchel: A Journey Unknown is a solo fantasy adventure game. You take the role of a sole adventurer on a quest to find the Grail and save the world! But time is not on your side, nor are the inhabitants of these unknown lands.
Through card-drafting,  character upgrades and choosing your encounters wisely, you may be victorious. But one wrong turn could prove lethal and you may find yourself overwhelmed by the wilderness.

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