The Player Lair is a boardgaming website created by designers Ivan Alexiev and Vesselin Alexiev. We feature a series of designer blogs as we struggle in our journey to design, illustrate and publish our games. Along the way we have created a whole lot of digital (and not only) resources for you to use in game design or to enhance your gaming experience. As we develop each project the amount of free assets will grow weekly. We ask you to share the road we have chosen and follow along for the ride.


Vesselin is an architect, graphic designer and game designer. His interests include historical research, preservation of cultural heritage and in his free time he runs a philosophy club. He is responsible for the wonderful assets we have in the downloads tab, the graphic design and illustrations we feature in our games.


Ivan is a game designer and double bassist. His interests include sci-fi and fantasy novels, mythology, music and of course playing games! He is passionate about art and creativity and attempts to motivate himself and others to create every chance he gets. He runs the designer’s blog and podcast here on the website and is always eager to talk about game design.

We are independently running this site and making games. Your help will allow us to publish our games and keep adding free content to The Player Lair. Thank you for your contributions.