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Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers has helped design many successful video games including: Pac-Man World, the Maximo series, God of War, Drawn to Life series and Darksiders. A former Disney Imagineer and VR designer, Scott currently teaches game design at the New York Film Academy and the University of Southern California’s interactive media department. His segment “Biography of a Board Game” can be heard on the award-winning Ludology Podcast (and back episodes of the Dice Tower Podcast).

Link to Scott’s Amazon page. Be sure to check out Scott’s new book “Your Turn! The Guide to Great Tabletop Game Design”

The Player Lair Podcast is Back!

After a hiatus that stretched nearly two years, where I found myself immersed in other creative endeavors—nurturing my passion for game design, refining our playtesting service, and, let’s admit it, hitting the pause button on the podcast.

But guess what? The podcast is back with a bang, and it’s more electrifying than ever! Prepare to be enthralled as we welcome a stellar lineup of guests. Our grand revival kicks off with none other than Adrian Adamescu, the brilliant mind behind the beloved game Sagrada, a title that has become an evergreen classic.

I had the privilege to dive deep into the creative labyrinth of Adrian’s mind. We unraveled his design process, embarked on a journey into his entry into the mesmerizing world of board games, and couldn’t resist teasing you about a future collaboration that’s in the cards.

The Cursed Castle Print and Play is now available!

Download The Cursed Castle here at the PNP Arcade

Cursed Castle Image

Take charge of three hunters walking the forgotten hallways of the Cursed Castle in an attempt to purge the ancient evil that dwells there.

Allocate dice to your heroes’ columns to solve each battle in this horror puzzle. As your party progresses you will uncover powerful artifacts, learn new skills, and make combinations to cleanse the living dead. Building up your heroes is easier than preserving them in this tiny brutal adventure!

The Cursed Castle is a solo game specially developed for Pencil First Games’ “Stuck at Home Design Contest” and heavily inspired by Darkest Dungeon and other dark fantasy titles.

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